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Who's who behind the Scenes

Our Junior Theatre depends on some pretty special grown ups to make things happen.  Here are the main people in charge, but we also have some awesome parents and other people who do loads to support us and without whom our Junior Theatre wouldn't exist.


Karen Bulfin

Karen is 'da boss lady' (that's official - we made her put it on her T shirt!). She is generally in charge of things, directs our shows and does all the jobs no one else wants to do! She is the person to get in touch with if you are interested in joining.


Abigail Bulfin

Abby is our dance tutor, choreographer and sometimes show Director. She's pretty cool - well most of the time - so we generally do what she says! She knows what she is talking about as she is a professional dancer.


Faye Weston

We love our new vocal coach, Faye. She's actually as cool as Abby (maybe even more cool, sorry Abby) and she's a professional singer. We've decided we're  going to let her stay!

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